Abandoned Space – Photos of NASA’s Deserted Past

    Roland Miller provides a revealing exploration of NASA’s deserted space and research facilities with the goal to preserve the historical significance of the early days of America’s effort to explore space.

    via Deserted Space: Photos Document NASA’s Abandoned Launch Pads | Urbanist.

    Ebola Plushy Toys Sales are Flush

    Created about five years ago, Giantmicorbes Inc began offering plush toys whose design was based on the microscopic image of the Ebola virus. Now, they are struggling to keep up with demand.

    via Ebola plush toys for kids “selling like hot cakes”. – CBS News

    To Encourage Innovation, Make It a Competition

    The competition format has fueled major successes in business. Fortune 500 companies like AT&T and American Express often sponsor online creativity contests to inspire innovation among their customers, while Kickstarter and other crowdfund platforms have ideas compete to win funding. And organizations can also use competitions to drive innovation within their own workforces.

    via To Encourage Innovation, Make It a Competition.

    The Existential Calculator (Take that Job?)

    Move over Ouija Board. I stumbled across Kelli Anderson’s The Existential Calculator that’s one of many outstanding visual ideas featured in The Best American Infographic 2014. The calculator is a brilliantly design paper wheel that can help you answers one of the more seminal professional questions of our time, “Should I take that job?”

    Should I Take That Job by Kelli Anderson

    Should I Take That Job by Kelli Anderson










    via The Existential Calculator (Take that Job?).

    Pixies Return to Minneapolis

    The Pixies return to Minneapolis this Saturday to a sold out show at The State. Here’s my top 20 songs from the Best Damn Band Ever.

    #1 Where is My Mind – Surfer Rosa

    #2 Havalina – Bossanova
    #3 Wave of Mutlilation – Doolittle
    #4 Indie Cindy – Indie Cindy

    #5 Levitate Me – Come on Pilgrim
    #6 Gigantic – Surfer Rosa
    #7 Caribou Come on Pilgrim
    #8 Stormy Weather – Bossanova
    #9 Andro Queen – Indie Cindy

    #10 Into the White – Here Comes Your Man (EP)
    #11 Here Comes Your Man – Doolittle

    #12 La La Love You – Doolittle
    #13 Monkey Gone to Heaven – Doolittle

    #14 Veloria – Bossanova

    #15 The Happening – Bossanova
    #16 Letter to Memphis – Trumpe Le Monde
    #17 Bag Boy – Indie Cindy
    #18 The Navajo Knows – Trumpe Le Monde
    #19 All Over The World – Bossanova
    #20 U-Mass – Trumpe Le Monde 

    Bonus #21 – Velvety Instrumental Version – Dig For Fire (EP)

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