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Duck Duck Purple Duck

Duck Duck Purple Duck

Duck Duck Purple Duck

In memory of Prince’s passing, “Duck Duck Gray Duck” shall be referred to as “Duck Duck Purple Duck” until further notice. Minnesota celebrates all forms of “Duck Duck” because we’re cool like that.

Duck Duck Purple Duck vs. Duck Duck Goose - 2016

Duck Duck Purple Duck vs. Duck Duck Goose – 2016

Design For Happiness

Design, at its heart, is about solving problems. That’s why it’s so easy to talk to designers. They can explain exactly how their interface is built to help you navigate through your phone, or how a device was shaped to make it possible for mass manufacturing on the assembly line.But over the course of hundreds of conversations with designers, I’ve begun to wonder: If most people’s goal is to live a happy life, why did I never hear designers explain how they’d built something to make me happy?

Source: How To Design Happiness | Co.Design

Some Sick F*ck is Killing Our Eagles

Bald Eagle. Photo: public-domain-image.com

Bad Ass Bald Eagle. Photo: public-domain-image.com

Some sick f*ck is killing America eagles on mass. It’s likely that at least some of the 18 birds killed over the past month were poisoned. It’s also possible that this was accidental. But that’s not an excuse for causing such wanton suffering to any wild animal population, much less one we’re so invested in as a nation. So whoever killed these birds ought not plan to hide behind ignorance; we ought to send a message that this carelessness is intolerable by handing them the highest fine possible (or go Liam Neeson on them).

Source: Don’t F*ck With Our Eagles | GOOD

Zombies Get Faster In Brooks’s First-Ever Ad

Brilliant ad from Seattle-based Brooks Running as it launches its first-ever TV spot this month on NBC this during the Olympic marathon trials on February 13. The ad will provide a different take on the trials and tribulations of the zombie class and capture the transformative power of running. I better lace up my shoes.

Source: Zombies Get Faster In Brooks’s First-Ever Ad, “The Rundead” | Co.Create

The Premier League Brilliantly Rebrands

The Premier League has launched a new visual identity for the 2016/17 season, with an updated lion icon designed to communicate a new side to the world’s most popular football league. And, the work is nothing short of brilliant.

Source: DesignStudio Rebrands Premier League – Creative Review