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Brands Must Emotional Connect

When you think about the amount of content available to us now, how the number of channels through which we reach it proliferates while the forms of content we use to connect are becoming more diverse… how can marketers know where to aim their fire? Importantly, what to stop doing and where to dial up efforts?

Source: Why Brands Must Focus on Emotional Connection | Digital Pulse

The Future of Fitness Trackers with Yves Béhar

Yves Béhar is chief creative officer at fitness tracker company Jawbone and founder of US design and branding firm Fuseproject. Here, he shares his thoughts on the future of fitness trackers, their potential to improve healthcare and how to design a device that people will want to wear every day

Source: Track, Measure, Motivate – Creative Review

Design For Happiness

Design, at its heart, is about solving problems. That’s why it’s so easy to talk to designers. They can explain exactly how their interface is built to help you navigate through your phone, or how a device was shaped to make it possible for mass manufacturing on the assembly line.But over the course of hundreds of conversations with designers, I’ve begun to wonder: If most people’s goal is to live a happy life, why did I never hear designers explain how they’d built something to make me happy?

Source: How To Design Happiness | Co.Design

Service Design 101

A quick introduction to service design, a growing discipline that draws on many concepts, ranging from user experience, marketing and project management in order to optimize new services.

Source: What is Service Design? — Medium

Ten Innovative Ways Construction is Changing

Ten Innovative Ways Construction is Changing_20160330

The construction industry is going through a period of radical change, experiencing disruptive innovation through modernisation and technological evolution. Here are eight innovations changing the way the industry works

Source: Ten Ways We Are Changing the Way We Build – Raconteur.net