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Welcome to Japanese Metal Idol Music

I’m not sure what I watched last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Strangely enough, I get it. Think Slayer meets J-Pop. Headbangers, deal with it and enjoy!

Farewell Old Friend

A Minneapolis institution  played its final request this past weekend. Since 1950, Nye’s Polonaise was one of those beloved establishments that shaped the character of Minneapolis. I spent many a night at Nye’s with friends as we discussed the important issues of the day over good food, drinks and song.

Farewell old friend – Legends never die.

Turning Random Posts Into Stunning Movie Posters




After: Obsession

A user that goes by the name of u/Your_Post_As_A_Movie takes the images that other Redactors post and turns them into awesome movie posters.



After: The Cricket Glass

After: The Cricket Glass

Source: This Reddit User Has Been Turning Random Posts Into Stunning Movie Posters – UltraLinx

Hip Hop’s Billboard is Data Visualization Done Right

The Hip Hop Timeline is an outstanding example of data visualization. Check it out – if you like music or not – to fully appreciate the information experience – and be inspired to reimagine the way you present data to educate and influence others.

Source: This is What Hip Hop’s Billboard Top 10 Sounded Like, Back in 1995 | Polygraph