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IBM Thinks Big About Design Thinking


Photo: Tom Bricker, Creative Commons 2.0

IBM is not a design company. Of its nearly 400,000 employees, few could rightly be described as aesthetes; of its assorted products, many seem to be of the “function over form” variety. And yet, if you look past its pocket-protector reputation, there’s little doubt that IBM is angling—more aggressively than any corporation of its size—to become a leading design company in the most literal sense of the phrase

Source: IBM’s Got a Plan to Bring Design Thinking to Big Business | Wired

All You Need To Know About Customer Journey Mapping

Most organizations are reasonably good at gathering data on their users. But data often fails to communicate the frustrations and experiences of customers. A story can do that, and one of the best storytelling tools in business is the customer journey map.

Source: All You Need To Know About Customer Journey Mapping – CMO Digital Forum

Food You Can Trust?

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As the new year begins, millions of people are vowing to shape up their eating habits. This usually involves dividing foods into moralistic categories: good/bad, healthy/unhealthy, nutritious/indulgent, slimming/fattening — but which foods belong where depends on whom you ask. Welcome to the world of spurious correlations.

Source: You Can’t Trust What You Read About Nutrition | fivethirtyeight