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The Late Show Accent-Off: Minnesota Edition – All True

Nice (see how I did that) showcase showdown between the ‘Up North’ vs. “The Cities’ accents. My cousin Eric Pollard (AKA Actual Wolf) was right, Comedian Maria Bramford went “Full Keyboard Lounge Proctor Drunk Accent” in this throw down with Late Show writer Ariel Dumas.

Source: The Late Show Accent-Off: Minnesota Edition

Long Live Duck Duck Grey Duck

I couldn’t agree more with Katie Heaney’s Minnesota memories of Duck, Duck, Grey Duck.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a map I created more than a year ago used to illustrate the point in her BuzzFeed.  The friendly debate that’s followed has been entertaining.  Here’s my advice, if you haven’t tried Duck Duck Grey Duck #DDGD, give it a shot. It’s not like DDGD is a gateway activity that will lead to a life of debauchery or something…unless you’re into that. Go out with some friends, grab some beverages, find a park and come up with the most ridiculous names for a duck.

Duck Duck Grey Duck vs. Duck Duck Goose - State By State - 2013

You’ve Been Playing “Duck, Duck, Goose” Wrong Your Whole Life.

Why We Keep Playing the Lottery – Nautilus

Why do people spend billions in the relentless pursuit of the improbable – one lottery ticket at a time?  Simple, selling the possibility, no matter how infinitesimal, that the dream could come true.

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Soccer Out of Context: the AL Central — M.Willis

An intelligent mashup of my two favorite sports – Baseball and Soccer. Mark Willis shares his football fashion vision of the American League Central teams. Mark’s reimagination of the Minnesota Twins’ uniform as a soccer kit is fresh both with his design and explanation – showing that he’s a thoughtful fan of both games.


Soccer Out of Context: the AL Central — M.Willis.