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Why We Keep Playing the Lottery – Nautilus

Why do people spend billions in the relentless pursuit of the improbable – one lottery ticket at a time?  Simple, selling the possibility, no matter how infinitesimal, that the dream could come true.

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Soccer Out of Context: the AL Central — M.Willis

An intelligent mashup of my two favorite sports – Baseball and Soccer. Mark Willis shares his football fashion vision of the American League Central teams. Mark’s reimagination of the Minnesota Twins’ uniform as a soccer kit is fresh both with his design and explanation – showing that he’s a thoughtful fan of both games.


Soccer Out of Context: the AL Central — M.Willis.


Childrens Museum Promotes Creative Kids Play With Cardboard Box Shop | MediaPost Publications

To promote the “Unboxed: Adventures in Cardboard” exhibit, The Chicago Childrens Museum launched Mister Imagines Toy Store, a pop-up store in Chicago’s Wicker Park. This toy store, however, was nothing like a traditional toy store with games, videos, dolls and books. This toy store sold cardboard boxes, and nothing else.

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MIMA Summit 2012 – Guy Kawasaki & Jane McGonigal – October 10, 2012 – Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota is the home to an amazing advertising, marketing, and interactive development community – some would say that everyone who works the state that I call home is ‘Above Average’.

No other conference helps elevate Minnesota’s talent like the MIMA Summit.  It’s the biggest annual marketing and technology conference in the Midwest, presented by the oldest interactive marketing association in America. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m MIMA’s Vice President.  So, I have a soft spot in my heart for the organization – not to mention that I’m a bit of a Minnesota towny).  

This year’s theme is No Boundaries: The Rapid Evolution and Diversification of Digital Marketing featuring keynotes by gaming expert Jane McGonigal and former Apple chief evangelist and best selling author Guy Kawasaki, as well as over 32 sessions with an incredible roster of national speakers on digital leadership, mobile e-commerce, SEO, digital strategy, social media and more (breakfast, lunch and a happy hour included).

And, you’ll network with over 700 of the smartest interactive marketers around (I know most of these people and they’re good folks).  I’m attending and I hope you will join us.

MIMA Summit 2012 with Guy Kawasaki and Jane McGonigal - Minneapolis, MN

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