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Long Live Duck Duck Grey Duck

I couldn’t agree more with Katie Heaney’s Minnesota memories of Duck, Duck, Grey Duck.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a map I created more than a year ago used to illustrate the point in her BuzzFeed.  The friendly debate that’s followed has been entertaining.  Here’s my advice, if you haven’t tried Duck Duck Grey Duck #DDGD, give it a shot. It’s not like DDGD is a gateway activity that will lead to a life of debauchery or something…unless you’re into that. Go out with some friends, grab some beverages, find a park and come up with the most ridiculous names for a duck.

Duck Duck Grey Duck vs. Duck Duck Goose - State By State - 2013

You’ve Been Playing “Duck, Duck, Goose” Wrong Your Whole Life.

Why We Keep Playing the Lottery – Nautilus

Why do people spend billions in the relentless pursuit of the improbable – one lottery ticket at a time?  Simple, selling the possibility, no matter how infinitesimal, that the dream could come true.

via Why We Keep Playing the Lottery – Nautilus.

Soccer Out of Context: the AL Central — M.Willis

An intelligent mashup of my two favorite sports – Baseball and Soccer. Mark Willis shares his football fashion vision of the American League Central teams. Mark’s reimagination of the Minnesota Twins’ uniform as a soccer kit is fresh both with his design and explanation – showing that he’s a thoughtful fan of both games.


Soccer Out of Context: the AL Central — M.Willis.