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Hip Hop’s Billboard is Data Visualization Done Right

The Hip Hop Timeline is an outstanding example of data visualization. Check it out – if you like music or not – to fully appreciate the information experience – and be inspired to reimagine the way you present data to educate and influence others.

Source: This is What Hip Hop’s Billboard Top 10 Sounded Like, Back in 1995 | Polygraph

Customer Experience Is the Future of Design

There was a time when businesses could depend solely on the quality of their products to bring in new business. Success came from a company’s sole focus on delivering a dependable and highly functional product/service to the market. Today, that’s simply not the case. The majority of large brands have become marketing machines, competing against each other’s’ hype instead of being user-centric in the design of their products and services. Product differentiation has become a “me too” gimmick and is no longe

Source: Customer Experience Is the Future of Design | UX Magazine

10 Cool Facts About Cats

Cats are kinda cool, but there are a few things about these little critters that you might not about.  No worries, here’s a infographic from Ryogo Iwata that’s got you covered (fortunately, not in cat fur).

Source: 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Cats | I Love Animals

All You Need To Know About Customer Journey Mapping

Most organizations are reasonably good at gathering data on their users. But data often fails to communicate the frustrations and experiences of customers. A story can do that, and one of the best storytelling tools in business is the customer journey map.

Source: All You Need To Know About Customer Journey Mapping – CMO Digital Forum