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Why You Won’t Recognize SEO in 5 Years

As marketers, we’ve gotten quite good at evolving our playbooks when it comes to SEO. But the changes we’ve seen to this point are nothing compared to what’s coming next.We are in the early stages of a new era of search — an era tied closely to more sophisticated patterns such as mobile, social, and voice search, among other things. And for the first time this isn’t just a matter of adding a new chapter to our SEO strategy, it’s a matter of creating entire new playbooks.

Source: Why you won’t recognize SEO in 5 years | TNW

The Premier League Brilliantly Rebrands

The Premier League has launched a new visual identity for the 2016/17 season, with an updated lion icon designed to communicate a new side to the world’s most popular football league. And, the work is nothing short of brilliant.

Source: DesignStudio Rebrands Premier League – Creative Review

Digital Makes a Difference – Survey Flags Shifts In Voters’ Media Habits


Photo Courtesy: Theresa Thompson, Creative Commons

Rubicon Project on Friday released the findings of a survey of 1,500 likely voters that reveals key insights into voters’ media habits. The findings have the potential to influence how advertising dollars are allocated to reach voters. Spoiler Alert: Digital makes a difference.

Source: Rubicon Survey Flags Shifts In Voters’ Media Habits | MediaPost

Could Your Social Media Footprint Step On Your Credit History?

It’s a modern-day iteration of the idea of character as a commercial value: companies going online to try to figure out your financial potential from posts and connections from Facebook, Twitter and, yes, LinkedIn (professional contacts there are “especially revealing of an applicant’s ‘character and capacity’ to repay,” another creditworthiness startup founder told the Economist, in 2013).

Source: Could Your Social Media Footprint Step On Your Credit History? : All Tech Considered