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Whats Your Workplace Thinking Style?

Pinpointing exactly what type of thinker you are could help not only you, but your entire organization, argue two experts in an article for Harvard Business Review. Most organizations use a standard set of tools to form, manage and motivate teams. However, they often overlook how people think.

Source: Whats Your Workplace Thinking Style? | World Economic Forum

Target’s Food Innovation Revolution


Outstanding thinking (if you’re a nerd like me) about how folks are designing smarter ways to deliver products and services like nutritious – fresher food – faster to consumers.

Unlike other startups that are big on ideas, but often short on resources, the coLab is able to leverage all that Target has to offer: funding, a massive supply chain and millions of customers who can provide feedback.

What’s not to like.

Source: Why Target Is Fast-Tracking Food Innovation | Fast Company

Growth Makers and Risk Takers? 


Cliff, San Jose de Maipo, Chile. Photo: Christopher Pollard

Think of an innovation new proposition like a Rubik’s Cube: we can’t expect to have the changing faces of society, customer behaviours or technology and yet leave the business model side of the cube unchanged.

Source: Who Are The Growth Makers and Risk Takers? | PwC

Hip Hop’s Billboard is Data Visualization Done Right

The Hip Hop Timeline is an outstanding example of data visualization. Check it out – if you like music or not – to fully appreciate the information experience – and be inspired to reimagine the way you present data to educate and influence others.

Source: This is What Hip Hop’s Billboard Top 10 Sounded Like, Back in 1995 | Polygraph