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Reimagined Punk Rock Posters in Swiss Modernist Style

Mike Joyce’s Swished poster series combines two of my great passions, amazing music and inspired design. The Swiss modernists expressed with each print removes extraneous elements to create clear communication, while punk rock took on self-indulgent music and stripped it to its raw and often bone shattering core. See for yourself at Swissted.

 Swissted: Vintage Rock Posters Remixed and Reimagined

via Swissted.

Pixies Return to Minneapolis

The Pixies return to Minneapolis this Saturday to a sold out show at The State. Here’s my top 20 songs from the Best Damn Band Ever.

#1 Where is My Mind – Surfer Rosa

#2 Havalina – Bossanova
#3 Wave of Mutlilation – Doolittle
#4 Indie Cindy – Indie Cindy

#5 Levitate Me – Come on Pilgrim
#6 Gigantic – Surfer Rosa
#7 Caribou Come on Pilgrim
#8 Stormy Weather – Bossanova
#9 Andro Queen – Indie Cindy

#10 Into the White – Here Comes Your Man (EP)
#11 Here Comes Your Man – Doolittle

#12 La La Love You – Doolittle
#13 Monkey Gone to Heaven – Doolittle

#14 Veloria – Bossanova

#15 The Happening – Bossanova
#16 Letter to Memphis – Trumpe Le Monde
#17 Bag Boy – Indie Cindy
#18 The Navajo Knows – Trumpe Le Monde
#19 All Over The World – Bossanova
#20 U-Mass – Trumpe Le Monde 

Bonus #21 – Velvety Instrumental Version – Dig For Fire (EP)

Bob Dylan is Quite a Songwriter


“Bob Dylan is quite a songwriter, and a great singer and musician. I won’t bother with comparing myself to him, but I will say that I heard his records at a very young age and I still listen to all his records.”
– Frank Black

Record Store Day 2014 Wisdom

“It’s no good pretending that any relationship has a future if your record collections disagree violently or if your favorite films wouldn’t even speak to each other if they met at a party.”

― Nick Hornby