The Future of Advertising | Fast Company | Danielle Sacks

I know that I’m not the first person to post a link to this article. I believe it’s truly thought-provoking. I would contend that the ad business is in the midst of significant and transformative change because there’s no longer a dominant vehicle to deliver a single marketing message. There are simply too many, and at time’s more effective tools available. Heck, I would contend that we’re on the cusp of a personalization revolution. Here’s why, we as a society contribute to the accumulation of an amazing amount of information through an unprecedented number of traceable data points. Sure, technology and choice have empowered people to have the ability to more effectively customize how they want to experience life. And, scholars, businesses, and government are able to mash-up terabytes of records to accurately form a wide range of profiles, be it groups, sub-groups, or just one person. The way we communicate and conduct our lives is rapidly evolving.

Illustrations by Travis Coburn

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