Thanks CNN, FOX New and MSNBC – Even if Trump Looses, He Still Wins

So, CNN and MSNBC are covering tonight’s Trump counter-event that’s taking place during FOX’s GOP debate.

Jesus, no wonder Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee. If the FOX, CNN and MSNBC’s of the world isn’t covering Trump talking about Trump, they’re covering each others kerfuffle about Trump – knowingly influencing the outcome of this election. And, at no time do these organizations really press Trump on his shady Trumpness regarding his doings and views on the issues – you know – like you would press with any other potential leader of the free world.

The discourse suffers magnificently when Trump gets 23 times as much coverage as Sanders,* with, a similar, but more narrow spread between Trump and Clinton. FOX alone has given Trump more than $30M of free advertising.*

The media’s insistent personality driven, WWE-style coverage of Trump (and this election) at the expense of even an acumen of a more balance issues approach is simply sad. The cable networks have an almost pathological need to be part of the story instead of reporting. And, This has been a branding goldmine for Trump.

If I’m Trump, knowing that the Wolf Blitzer, Bill O’Reily, Joe Scarborough and their ilk wait with bated breath, hanging on every word that I say. I too would ride this Powerball-level media gravy train as far as it will take me — because it’s smart business.

Even if Trump looses, he still wins.

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