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Cory Schmit’s Camera Collection on MIT’s FOLD

christopherpollard_duaflex IV_20160214

Kodak Duaflex IV. Photo: Christopher Pollard

A fun post from Cory Schmit that chronicles his camera collect, or at least every 35mm camera he’s owned over the past four years. Cory’s narrative is enhanced by incorporating background information directly into the story, that includes photos of the each device, the images that they capture and linked to additional information that helps to provide context, as if you’re having a conversation with Cory about his passion for film.

All this is possible through the unique capabilities of Fold, a news platform being developed by MIT Media Lab’s, that break down the user experience into a cross. The vertical bar is dedicated to the story itsel. This narrative is chunked into white blocks rather than paragraphs, but it’s otherwise your typical, narrative news story.

Source: Every 35mm Camera I’ve Owned Since 2012 – FOLD

Everybody Matters

Simon Sinek can no longer be accused of being an idealist if what he imagine exists in reality. Barry-Wehmiller is a global manufacturing firm that measures their success by the way they touch the lives of people. Learn about an organization that lives the message we believe in: www.everybodymattersbook.com/.

The Fallen of World War II

An amazingly compelling animated data-driven documentary about war and peace, The Fallen of World War II looks at the human cost of the second World War and sizes up the numbers to other wars in history, including trends in recent conflicts. You can interact and dig into the data at The Fallen of World War II.

Source: The Fallen of World War II

If You Have Done Well

christopherpollard_quote-kevin-spacey_20151211 1

“If you have done well in this business, it’s your obligation to send the elevator back down.”
— Kevin Spacey