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10 Trends for 2015

So you’re already well versed in the Big Changes coming. The Internet of Things (yes, more of it). More smartphones. Economic recovery (the US). Economic slowdown (China). Economic uncertainty (pretty much everywhere). Aging populations. More China. You know the drill.This list is different.

Source: 10 Trends for 2015 | trendwatching.com

The Existential Calculator (Take that Job?)

Move over Ouija Board. I stumbled across Kelli Anderson’s The Existential Calculator that’s one of many outstanding visual ideas featured in The Best American Infographic 2014. The calculator is a brilliantly design paper wheel that can help you answers one of the more seminal professional questions of our time, “Should I take that job?”

Should I Take That Job by Kelli Anderson

Should I Take That Job by Kelli Anderson










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