Happy 75 Days Vine – Let’s Start Planting, It’s Spring

Happy 75 days Vine.  I enjoyed the article about you that was in today’s Adweek - Twitter Vines Pitch Volkswagens, Peanut Butter and Job Skills.  While many marketers are still trying to figure you out, I’m happy to see that they’re some adventures folks who have taken a dip into your 6-second waters.  I especially enjoyed the creative work by Peanut Butter & Co.  Let me make sure I got this right:

National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day Vine video + BOGO coupon = 1st Day 300,000 impressions + 6,000 coupon downloads.

Not bad work by a 12-person CPG company. You know what’s fun about this Peanut Butter & Co’s effort on Vine – little or no production cost .  Just some creative folks who figured you out  – how cool is that.  I look forward to other smart marketers getting their hands dirty as they start to plant little Vines into their digital marketing mix – and to think, just in time for spring.