Why I Like Vine

What I like about Vine is for the very reason that it captures a sliver in time that brings motion, sight and sound to life – and saves it in a little digital bottle.

Vine was born out of its 140-character cousin Twitter, and I believe is the next evolution of the hyper-short narrative – creating a new form of storytelling that’s relevant to the people who post videos – and I believe that’s a compelling act – for whomever to witness. It’s in our nature – people are a curious species.

Are all the clips legendary, likely not (neither are all the Twitter posts or Instagram photos that have been published). Unlike photography or copy, grabbing a moment out of time isn’t editable. It’s something that will never happen again. I believe there is still no post-production in life, right – and that’s the beauty of Vine.

As for the commercial utilization of Vine – smart brand marketers are figuring out how to use the 6-second video narrative as a sort of lede – to pitch people to their big idea/story that’s part of an integrated digital strategy – working together to increase awareness, engagement, activation, and all that other good stuff.

Now if you don’t mind – I need to go back to Vine and chase my animals – I don’t think the world has enough cat videos on the InterWebz as of yet.