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4 Ways To Use Artificial Intelligence

Source: Stefan Leijon / Flickr Creative Commons.

Source: Stefan Leijon / Flickr Creative Commons.

The field of artificial intelligence got its start at a conference at Dartmouth in 1956. Optimism ran high and it was believed that machines would be able to do the work of humans within 20 years. Alas, it was not to be. By the 1970’s, funding dried up and the technology entered the period known as the AI winter. Much has changed since then. What can we expect in the years to come?

Source: 4 Ways Every Business Needs To Use Artificial Intelligence | Digital Tonto

1 Million U.K. School Kids Get Creative with Microbit

The basic Microbit is a pocket-sized computer circuit board, with USB, Bluetooth, accelerometer, temperature and moisture sensors. In short, it’s like the guts of a smartphone, only it has no screen, and it’s designed to be hooked up to all kinds of other devices. The idea is that kids can learn to build computer-based hardware projects the way you and I learned to build things out of wood, metal, plastic, and cardboard when we were in school. It was made by the BBC in partnership with U.K. startup Technology Will Save Us.

Source: The BBC Gives Computer Hacking Kits To 1 Million U.K. School Kids | Co.Exist

Infographic: The Illustrated Timeline of Robots : Paste

Since 400 B.C., filmmakers, authors and illustrators alike have had a fascination with cognisant beings made of metal and plastic. From Talon to WALL-E, we took the best from myth, literature, film, television and comics and illustrated them in a timeline to show their evolution.

via Infographic: The Illustrated Timeline of Robots : Paste.

60 year-old remote-controlled robot made from scrap parts makes a dramatic, beautiful comeback | Engadget | Laura June

This is George. He’s a six-foot tall robot handmade from the aluminum scraps of a crashed bomber in 1950. George is remote-controlled, and was built by Tony Sale, the same man who recently resurrected the nearly forgotten robotic darling from the storage shed where he’s spent the last 45 years or so.

Image Credit: Geoff Robinson, Daily Mail