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Target’s Food Innovation Revolution


Outstanding thinking (if you’re a nerd like me) about how folks are designing smarter ways to deliver products and services like nutritious – fresher food – faster to consumers.

Unlike other startups that are big on ideas, but often short on resources, the coLab is able to leverage all that Target has to offer: funding, a massive supply chain and millions of customers who can provide feedback.

What’s not to like.

Source: Why Target Is Fast-Tracking Food Innovation | Fast Company

Zombies Get Faster In Brooks’s First-Ever Ad

Brilliant ad from Seattle-based Brooks Running as it launches its first-ever TV spot this month on NBC this during the Olympic marathon trials on February 13. The ad will provide a different take on the trials and tribulations of the zombie class and capture the transformative power of running. I better lace up my shoes.

Source: Zombies Get Faster In Brooks’s First-Ever Ad, “The Rundead” | Co.Create

George Lois Is Still A Legend

The original madman opines on everything from Google’s redesigned logo (“ridiculous”) to John Galliano (“I want to just punch his face”).

Source: Legendary Ad Man George Lois Is Still At It | Co.Design

Brutally Honest Advertising

London-based comedy writers Aaron Gillies and James Menzies create brutally honest ad parodies and share them on a Twitter account titled We Fix Your Adverts. Using Photoshop, they replace (or ‘fix’) the original tagline with their own one-liners that are hilariously profane. Warning: Some images are NSFW.

Source: LOL: Brutally Honest Versions Of Regular Ads | Digital Synopsis

David Bowie: An Innovator Who Understood The Power Of Business As Much As Pop Culture

“I don’t know where I’m going from here but I promise it won’t be boring.” There are so many quotes that encapsulate the astonishing creativity of David Bowie, pop music’s greatest polymath, but for the purposes of this tribute that’s a perfect start.

Source: David Bowie: An Innovator Who Understood The Power Of Business As Much As Pop Culture – Forbes