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Favorite 2016 Super Bowl Spot

Helen Mirren is the star of Brand Bowl (and by association Budweiser) with my top Super Bowl spot. There’s something pleasant about being talked to sternly by a ‘notoriously frank and uncensored British lady’. Right? So, don’t be a pillock and go driving drunk now.

George Lois Is Still A Legend

The original madman opines on everything from Google’s redesigned logo (“ridiculous”) to John Galliano (“I want to just punch his face”).

Source: Legendary Ad Man George Lois Is Still At It | Co.Design

The Importance of Humility


Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge, Minneapolis, Minnesota. June 3, 2015. Photo: Christopher Pollard

As design advances and evolves, it is critical for us to acknowledge the central role that humility plays, or risk letting our egos die in tandem with our careers.

Source: Good Design is Humble | Austin Knight

Brutally Honest Advertising

London-based comedy writers Aaron Gillies and James Menzies create brutally honest ad parodies and share them on a Twitter account titled We Fix Your Adverts. Using Photoshop, they replace (or ‘fix’) the original tagline with their own one-liners that are hilariously profane. Warning: Some images are NSFW.

Source: LOL: Brutally Honest Versions Of Regular Ads | Digital Synopsis

Digital Makes a Difference – Survey Flags Shifts In Voters’ Media Habits


Photo Courtesy: Theresa Thompson, Creative Commons

Rubicon Project on Friday released the findings of a survey of 1,500 likely voters that reveals key insights into voters’ media habits. The findings have the potential to influence how advertising dollars are allocated to reach voters. Spoiler Alert: Digital makes a difference.

Source: Rubicon Survey Flags Shifts In Voters’ Media Habits | MediaPost