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The Beautiful Game’s Undershirt Goal Celebration

Along with the wonder goals, penalties, sending offs and pitch invasions, some of football’s most memorable moments have come in the form of the undershirt celebration: hastily scrawled or ironed-on messages expressing political views or religious beliefs, which players would lift their shirt to reveal after scoring a goal.

Source: I Belong to Jesus: a Loving Homage to the Undershirt Goal Celebration – Creative Review

If Walt Whitman Were a Greeting Card Writer


If Walt Whitman were a Greeting Card Writer

O Valentine! My Valentine!
Your face is everywhere;
I see it in the dead leaves;
I see it in the toadstools in the wood;
I see it in the lake scum and the swamp moss;
But I do not see it in the peat bogs;
O Valentine!
You are the bullfrog croaking and the jackal
howling and the buzzard screaming,
And occasionally the gopher thinking;
My heart is nature’s toothpaste tube, and
you are the force eternal that squeezes
out the final, itsy-bitsy sweetness;
O me!
O you!
O me! O you!
O us!
O Valentine!

Source: Martin Gardner’s Favorite Poetic Parodies

Minnesota Keeps Moving When It Snows


Snowy Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis, Minnesota. December 2, 2012. Photo: Christopher Pollard

“There is a feeling of solidarity that swirls in the blowing snow. When I shoveled the walk this morning, I noticed my neighbor had already done part of it. I looked down the street and saw other people shoveling. As they looked up from their work, we smiled and nodded at each other. It felt like we were engaged in common work.”
— Vikki Reich

Source: I Love Who Minnesotans Become When it Snows | StarTribune.com

Minnesotan Snow Shoveler’s Creed


My Snow Shovel and 12″ of Snow. Uptown, Minneapolis, Minnesota. February 3, 2015. Photo: Christopher Pollard

Minnesotan Snow Shoveler’s Creed

“This is my snow shovel.
There are many like it, but this one is mine.
My snow shovel is my best friend.
It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.
My snow shovel, without me, is useless.
Without my snow shovel, I am useless.
I must use my snow shovel true.”